Parents' Qs & As

TAP is a period set aside for tutoring, catching up on work, or asking questions of teachers.

Ozone is a place kids can get extra tutoring/help by signing up for it.   720-561-2233

Call attendance to excuse absence, for extended illness contact front desk to request homework to be picked up by parent/guardian in the front office.  

You can donate to PAC by credit or via Paypal™.

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To donate by check, make your check payable to PAC, and mail your donation to Boulder High School, Attn: PAC Treasurer, 1604 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302.

Call the principal or an assistant principal immediately!  Do not allow this behavior to continue, it will not get better if ignored!

Being part of a school club, sport, or other activity is very important in helping your child feel welcome and a part of the school community. Check out the extensive list of Clubs and Activities available at Boulder High.

Most teachers respond very quickly to email messages. The general email format for BHS employees is: "" or look in the Staff Directory on the BHS website or look in printed student directory or call the front desk.

Message board outside counseling office, call front desk ask them to post the message.  Remind your kids to look at the message board!  

Your child must get a pre-approved abssence form from the front office and have it signed by each teacher before the date of the trip.

Please contact either the principal or assistant principlal.

Your student should talk to either their teacher or their counselor.

Your child should report the theft to the principal or the assistant principal. Please remind your student not to bring things of value to school.

THe OWL is the student run BHS newspaper. It is now available online at

Boulder High School is an open campus. We cannot monitor how and where students come and go during the school day. The creek path is monitored for any students impeding anyone on the creek path. The creek path is public property, not owned by the school. The school works with specific students when their attendance is affected by the open campus policy.

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